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FB Cranes’ Top 3 Products for Working at Heights

The business that relies on heavy lifting equipment, is the business that relies on a certain kind of automated muscle, to get some truly remarkable things done. The nature of the construction and industrial sector, though, is that many of the processes involved in the services rendered and the instances of construction undergone, need to be done at height, and so a certain level of risk is always a clear and present reality.

It’s vital, then, that the business needing to work at heights, chooses the most trustworthy, safe and reliable equipment to do so.

And that’s where FB Cranes – your premier crane builder and crane repair specialist – can help.

When working at heights, it is important to always use the proper safety equipment. The crane products you choose should help get the job done right, but also serve to better protect the people up high, doing the work.

Because working at heights is a specialised requirement, it stands to reason that right equipment must always be used. Here are three of the most crucial crane products utilised by experienced building and industrial powerhouses the world over, specifically recommended for better safety, while working at heights.

The crane products built for safety

By using the right products, you can help to prevent accidents and injuries on-site or in the warehouse. Crane products, hoists, and safety harnesses are all great ways to stay safe while working at heights. With our crane products, you’ll be able to complete any task safely, easily and efficiently.

Let’s unpack here, a few key products essential for working at heights. Here are the top 3 products that you should consider to get the job done, safely:

1. Crane products – Jib cranes

Jib cranes are an essential addition to your crane arsenal.

Perfect for tighter, confined spaces, jib cranes make use of an electric chain hoist, or manual chain block, to enable all types of loads to be quickly transported, and safely and gently lowered from height.

The uses of jib cranes make up a comprehensive list – the equipment can be set up horizontally or vertically for added versatility and safety. Some jib crane components include:

  • Handles loads safely, up to 500kg
  • Can be operated simply via the push of a button, or a push-pull operation
  • The chain hoist increases performance and machine safety in high foot-traffic or congested areas

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2. Hoists

Forming a vital part of the strength in crane products, hoisting equipment is integrated with reinforced rigging to raise, lower or move heavy loads – loads that would be difficult or awkward to move safely, in normal circumstances.

Simply, hoists are a vital cog in the safe lifting and movement of heavy equipment, at height.

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3. Safety harnesses

When it comes to safety, there is no such thing as being too careful. When your people are working at heights, a safety harness can give them the peace of mind they need to focus on the work being done. So, safety harnesses are vital crane products for preventing falls.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a safety harness:

  • What’s the harness for? There are different types of harnesses designed for specific purposes. Be sure to choose the right harness for the job.
  • How much weight will the harness need to support? Safety harnesses have weight limits, so be sure to choose harnesses that can accommodate all body shapes and sizes.
  • How comfortable is the harness? You or your people will be wearing the harness for hours on the job, so it should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Try on different types and brands to find one that fits well, overall.

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Without these crane products, the construction space would be a much riskier place. FB Cranes has it all though – the equipment to keep you and your people safe, as they work at all heights, to help build incredible things.

We have the right crane products, for the right job, at the right price – contact us now.

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