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Keeping your people safe and your business compliant

As the Owner of a Crane or Hoist, you are responsible for the protection and safety of your employees. FB Crane’s regular safety inspections improve the reliability of your equipment and the safety of your personnel. Our inspections ensure that hazards, such as personal injury or damaged equipment caused by falling loads, are identified and prevented. Quality Inspections as required by the occupational health and Safety Act can be agreed on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis securing a set rate while managed and organised by our service division who will conveniently contact you and remind you that you are due and arrange a convenient date for your next inspection of:

  • Below the hook lifting attachments
  • Slings
  • Lifting tackle
  • Lifting Machinery
  • Runaways and structural

FB Cranes is committed to providing reliable, quality crane inspection and repair in a timely manner. Our highly qualified Lifting Machinery Inspectors and ongoing internal training enables us to offer inspection and preventive maintenance programs that help you reduce downtime and prevent costly production losses.

FB Cranes Preventative Maintenance Solutions

1. Site Survey

Firstly a site survey will be conducted prior to a Technical Team coming to inspect the Lifting Machinery

Our Inspection Process

2. Debriefing

Secondly, a Technical Team will come to your site where a debriefed on the project plan.

3. Risk Assessment

Thirdly, a comprehensive risk assessment will be compiled and approved by both parties

4. Inspection

Next, the team will then start carrying out the inspection process. Our inspection program is designed to review your overhead system and to report parts that are worn or do not meet certain safety specifications. We will provide you with a quotation to repair any problems and or replace any worn parts we detect in your system.

5. Review

Following the inspection, our Lifting Machinery Inspectors will arrange to meet with you or another designated person in authority to review the inspection and crane health audit. During this review, our Inspector will notify you of any items that could render your equipment unsafe to operate. Recommendations will be made to repair the equipment.

6. Service

Skilled, Qualified, Component and regularly trained service technicians carry out detailed services on all makes & models of cranes & hoists, manual, pneumatic and electric keeping you compliant while frequently identifying worn or damaged parts before escalating into down time, improving on your productivity and reducing your running costs.

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