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FB Cranes – the only choice for load testing your lifting machinery

With FB Crane Builders being registered as a Lifting Machinery Entity (LME) together with our certified Lifting Machinery Inspectors (LMI’s) we are legally the right company to perform load tests on all your Lifting Driven Machinery, according to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. With our certified and calibrated solid weights, water bags and engineering expertise no load test is too difficult for us to achieve. In fact, FB Cranes can perform load test from 250kg up to 150 tones

When does my crane need load tested?

Load testing is a common source of confusion for many of our customers simply because many Businesses are often unclear or unfamiliar with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations specifying requirements and standards for load testing. FB Cranes offers comprehensive Load Testing Services for all makes and types of cranes giving clients peace of mind that their cranes meet legal compliance standards. This includes Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA) , Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) and South African National Standards (SANS).

Your crane needs to be tested…

  • On an annual basis to comply with SANS standards. However, SANS also specifies that if a Lifting Machinery Inspector deems the Crane as old or in a poor condition, more regular tests need to be performed.
  • New Overhead crane systems SHALL be load tested prior to being placed into service.
  • Existing crane system SHALL be load tested after modification or re-rating
  • After a major component has been replaced or repaired on the load path of the crane

Need a load test?

If load testing has not been performed and crane failure results in an accident, as the owner of the crane, you may be liable for a fine and a prison sentence…

Need a load test?

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