Our June sale on Amandla Products

For June we have great specials on our Amandla Range.

  • Beam clamp
  • Chain Block
  • Drum Lifter
  • Lever Block
  • Plate Grab
  • J Hook
  • Load Binders

We can assist with delivery in the Randfontein Carletonville area as well

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Former CEO of FB Crane Builders & Repairs turns 70 years old today

Today 20 January 2021 is a very special milestone – the Founder and former CEO of FB Crane Builders & Repairs turns 70 years old today. Mr. Cornelis Francois Best was born in Aliwol North in the Eastern Cape as the 2nd born of six children. 10 years later in 1961 the family relocated to the East Rand of Johannesburg where Mr. Best later completed an apprenticeship on the Railways as a Fitter & Turner. After which Mr. Best enjoyed a career in the Engineering, Construction, Iron & Steel Sectors before starting FB Mini Crane Builders in 1992.

Mr. Best we want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for leading us, and for having the vision which has helped us lift Southern Africa safely for the last 29 years.

Happy 70th birthday Meneer Best, Mr. Bee, Oom Frans… What a great achievement – 70 long and full years of being a Father, Husband, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Friend, Boss… An Army man, a Businessman, a Farmer, a Beekeeper and Cow Whisperer.

Hoist and Crane component made by STAHL Crane Systems GmbH Germany

General facts:

  • Lifting capacity 500 kg up to 250.000 kg
  • Standard duty group  M4 up to M6 (optional M7, M8)
  • HOL from6m up to 120m for standard applications, up to 200m on a specification
  • Various executions available (short headroom monorail, normal headroom monorail, articulated monorail trolley, stationary - foot mounted, double rail grab)
  • Standard 2-speed motors on hoisting and cross travel (VSD as an option)
  • Non ex proof as well as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 22, Zone 21 available

Technical facts:

  • Rope guide ductile iron 360° - alternative with overwinding system
  • Painting standard 80 micro, as option 120, 160, 240 or even 320 micro for offshore application
  • Overload device SLE/SMC (with hours counter) for all lifting capacities as standard with monitoring temperature control of all motors and increase lifetime of brakes due to motor management

  • Gear limit switch as standard with up to 8 switching elements as option

  • IP55 as standard protection

  • -20°C to +40°C ambient temperature

  • Hoist control supplied with full contactor or without (only with overload device + gear limit switch)

  • Motor supply voltage 380V-415V as standard, other voltages (525V) as option

  • C-hook as standard, alternative ramshorn hook or w/o hook

Options – not necessary but good to have:

  • Manual release of hoist brake if power cut off

  • Rope drum brake as redundant brake system provides increased safety

  • Protection IP66 for outdoor applications

  • -40°C to +80°C ambient temperature

  • Load display

  • Signal transmitter for hoisting or/and traveling movement

  • TDC Twin drive for hot liquid metal transport

  • Several lifting points without hook displacement

Service points:

  • Rope guide ring 360° rope tensioner to avoid the formation of slack rope: bolted with 2 pieces for quick replacement and not to remove the hole rope drum

  • Gears with lifetime lubrication oil

  • Low maintenance asbestos-free brake

  • Brake easily accessible for inspection from outside

  • Hoisting motor outside rope drum, highly efficient motor cooling and maintenance-friendly

  1. Rope and rope guide

5. SLE/SMC control and motor management

  1. Paint

6. Brake

  1. Overload cut-off

7. Motor

  1. Hoist gear

8. rope drive


Documentation for each hoist:

  • Works certificate

  • Hook certificate

  • Rope certificate

  • Declaration of Conformity

  • Installation, Operational, and maintenance manual

  • Spare part list

AS additional:

  • Product training and service training could be provided by demand

  • 1-year warranty as standard, 2 years as optional