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A lever block is a type of lifting device that uses a Lever block chain to lift and move heavy loads. Lever blocks are often used in construction and industrial settings to move heavy machinery and materials.

Lever blocks consist of a steel frame with a lever attached to one end. The other end of the lever is attached to a chain. Lever blocks are operated by pulling on the lever, which raises the load. The operator can then use the lever block chain to move the load to another location.

The lever block chain is typically made of high-strength steel, making it able to support very heavy loads.

How does a lever block work?

A lever block is a type of lifting device that uses a chain and Lever to lift and lower heavy loads. The lever block consists of two main parts: the frame and the lever. The frame is typically made of steel or aluminium and houses the chain. The lever is attached to the frame and is used to operate the device.

To use a lever block, the operator first attaches the chain to the load. The load is then hooked onto the frame of the device. The operator then uses the lever to lift the load off the ground. To lower the load, the operator simply releases the lever.

Lever blocks are commonly used in construction, mining, and manufacturing applications. They are often used to lift heavy loads such as engines, machinery, and equipment. Lever blocks are also used to move heavy loads from one location to another.

The lever blocks we have available

At FB Cranes, we’re a premier lever block supplier – ours are developed with specifications to suit a range of lifting requirements.

These specifications include:

  • Specific lifting capacity in tons
  • Workplace classifications
  • Various numbers of load chain strands
  • Load chain diameters
  • Net weight capabilities in kilograms

Read on for more on our lever blocks, and their features and lifting capacities.

Where can I buy lever blocks?

Right here at FB Cranes.

Read on for more on our lever block specifications, and click here to request a quote.

Reference Capacity (t) Classification Strands of Load Chain Load Chain Diameter (mm) Net Weight (kg)
On Request
On Request

Order lever blocks today

Lever blocks are available in various sizes and capacities. When selecting a lever block, it is important to consider the weight and size of the load that will be lifted, as well as the working environment.
Ask us today about the variety of lever block solutions we can provide for your project or industrial workspace.

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Frequently asked questions about lever blocks

How do I choose a lever block?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a lever block. Here are some important considerations:

  • Capacity: Make sure the lever block can handle the weight of your load.
  • Lifting height: Choose a lever block that can lift your load to the desired height.
  • Chain length: Make sure the chain is long enough to reach your load.
  • Safety: Look for a lever block with safety features such as an overload protection device.
  • Warranty: Check the warranty before purchasing a lever block.

Lever blocks are essential pieces of equipment in many industries. When used properly, they can help increase productivity and improve safety. However, it is important to choose the right lever block for your specific application. Keep the above considerations in mind when selecting a lever block for your needs.

How does a lever block work?

Lever blocks work by using a chain to lift or lower a load. The chain is attached to a lever, which is used to operate the block.

What is a lever block used for?

Lever blocks are typically used in construction or industrial applications where heavy loads need to be lifted or lowered.

How much does a lever block cost?

Lever blocks can vary in price, depending on their size and features.

For more on our lever block chain prices and stock availability, contact us.