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Chain Blocks

Chain blocks are a type of lifting equipment that consists of a chain and two pulleys. The chain is used to lift heavy loads, and the pulleys help to distribute the weight evenly.
Chain blocks are an essential piece of equipment for various industries, particularly the construction sector, and are a common feature to many industrial workplaces.

How does a chain block work?

A chain block is a device that is used to lift or move heavy objects by suspending them from a chain. The chain is attached to a pulley system, which helps to distribute the weight of the object evenly. This makes it easier to move the object and prevents damage to the object or the surrounding area.

Chain blocks come in a variety of sizes and capacities. The size and capacity you need will depend on the type of objects you will be lifting or moving.

The chain blocks we have available

At FB Cranes, we supply a range of chain block equipment for specific lifting requirements.

Our chain block equipment is available in a variety of capacity options, different classifications for different project needs, a variety of load chain strands and load chain diameters, and a selection of net weight capabilities.

At FB Cranes, we have the block chain that will meet any number of workspace, industrial and warehouse applications.

Where Can I Buy Chain Blocks?

FB Cranes is your chain block supplier and repair specialist.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Chain Blocks

What is a type of chain block?

A chain block, also called a hand chain hoist, is a type of lifting device that uses a chain and pulley system to lift heavy loads.

How do I choose a chain block?

Choosing the right chain block for your needs depends on a number of factors, including the weight of the load you need to lift and the space you have available.

How does a chain block work?

How a chain block works is relatively simple - the chain is wrapped around the load and then pulled tight, using the pulley system to raise it off the ground.

What is a chain block used for?

Chain blocks are most commonly used in industrial settings but can be used for other purposes as well. They are often used to lift heavy machinery or equipment but can also be used for construction projects or other applications.

How much does a chain block cost?

Chain blocks can vary in price, depending on their size and features.
For more on our block chain prices and stock availability, contact us.

Order chain blocks today

Whether you're looking for heavy lifting solutions for industrial application or construction requirements, the chain block is a versatile addition to your workspace. Ask us today about the variety of chain block solutions we can provide for your project or space.

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Reference Capacity (t) Classification Strands of Load Chain Load Chain Dia (mm) Net Weight (kg)
HSZ-0.5A 0.5 M2.5 1 5 8.5
HSZ-1A 1.0 M2.5 1 6 11
HSZ-1.5A 1.5 M2.5 1 7.1 16
HSZ-2A 2.0 M3.0 1 8 19
HSZ-3A 3.0 M3.0 2 7.1 24
HSZ-5A 5.0 M3.0 2 9 37
HSZ-7.5A 7.5 M3.0 3 9 57
HSZ-10A 10.0 M3.0 4 9 73.5