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Spreader beams, also known as spreader bars, are used in heavy lifting operations to support and evenly distribute weight. They can be found for sale in a variety of sizes and load capacities to suit various lifting needs.

When using spreader beams, it is important to always follow safety protocols and properly calculate the load capacity needed for the lift. Improper use of spreader beams can result in dangerous accidents and potentially catastrophic damage. It is crucial to invest in high-quality spreader beams from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliable performance and safe operation.

So, don't skimp on your equipment - trust the experts when it comes to choosing spreader beams for your lifting operations.

At FB Cranes, we have spreader beams to suit all needs. Read on for more on our spreader beams for sale.

Spreader beams for sale

Our spreader beams for sale are top-of-the-line and can handle heavy loads with ease. Made from high-quality materials, these spreader beams have been tested to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during lifting operations. Whether you need a single beam or multiple units, we have options available to meet your needs.

The types of spreader beams we have available

The types of spreader beams available include single-point, multi-point, and adjustable spreader beams.

Single-point spreader beams

Single-point spreader beams have one lifting point, typically located in the centre, and are a type of lifting equipment used in material handling operations.

They consist of a single attachment point for the crane hook and one or more sets of load-spreading arms. These arms distribute the weight evenly to prevent damage to the lifted object and ensure safe lifting.

Single-point spreader beams can be customised for specific loads and can handle heavy weights, making them a valuable tool in industrial settings.

Multi-point spreader beams

Multi-point spreader beams have multiple lifting points distributed along the length of the beam. They are used in heavy lifting operations, such as those involving crane lifts.

These beams distribute the weight evenly among multiple connection points to provide stability and prevent bending or breaking under the load.

Multi-point spreader beams can also be customised for different weight capacities and lift configurations.

Adjustable spreader beams

These spreader beams can be adjusted to accommodate different load requirements and distribution. They offer a versatile solution for lifting and transporting heavy loads and allow for greater flexibility in loading and unloading operations.
Adjustable spreader beams also provide increased safety on the job site by distributing weight evenly and reducing strain on the lifting equipment.

Note: It is important to choose the appropriate type of spreader beam for a given lifting operation, inspect the equipment before each use, and never exceed its lifting capacity. This is to ensure safe and efficient lifting. The use of an incorrect or unsuitable spreader beam could result in failed lifts or operator injury. Consulting with a certified rigging professional can help determine the best option for a specific lift.

Is this what you need for your workspace? Come straight to FB Cranes. We can manufacture custom-made spreader beams for a wide variety of applications, and according to your unique workplace and project specifications.

Contact FB Cranes today for advice and a custom quote or call us on +27 11 902 3271.

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