Electric Chain Hoists

Simple and easy to use – reliable and safe in operation
– long-lasting and easy to maintain. GIS electric chain
hoists have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland
for more than 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of
them are in operation worldwide – stationary or mobile

GPM 250

Technical specifications

Standard version
Maximum load capacities (1 or 2 falls):
GPM250: 320 kg, GP250: 400/630 kg, GP500: 800/1250 kg, GP1000: 1600/2500 kg, GP1600: 2500/4000 kg, GP2500: 3200/6300 kg
Standard voltages:
3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz
1 × 115 V / 50 Hz, 1 × 230 V / 50 Hz
42 V low voltage control
1 phase motor: 1 speed
3 phase motor: 1 or 2 speeds
Protection class IP65
Eyebolt suspension
Standard lifting height 3 m
Control cable length 1.8 m
Ergonomic control switch with emergency-stop
Control switch with external strain relief
Geared limit switches for highest and lowest hook position
Isolation class F (motor)
DC spring-loaded brake
Slipping clutch adjustable and not in the flow of forces

GPM250, GP250 - 2500, up to 6300 kg

Reliable and long-lasting
3-year warranty
Chain safety factor minimum 8-times (DIN EN 14492 A3, ISO M5)
Protection class IP65 as standard

Easy to operate
60 % higher lifting capacity
Quiet running with 3-step drive and helical gearing
Polygonal connections

Three- or single-phase version
Direct control, special control, radio remote control, frequency inverter
Special versions such as synchronized electric chain hoist, low headroom version, corrosion-resistant version, ATEX

GP 250/500

GP 2500

Reliable and long-lasting

  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Chain safety factor minimum 8-times (1-fall in FEM, 2m, ISO, M5)
  • Manganese phosphate profile steel chain with increased service life and improved dry-running properties
  • Gearbox with permanent lubrication
  • High safety in operation
  • Low-wear DC-spring-loaded brake
  • No sensitive electronics used
  • Aluminum casing and cover
  • Minimum 1,600 operating hours with 40 % duty cycle, 240 s/h (FEM: 2m, ISO M5)
  • Dry-running slipping clutch
  • Area of application -15° to +50°C

Easy to operate

  • Low dead weight from 14 kg
  • Compact housing with low headroom
  • Protection class IP65; suitable for outdoor use
  • Geared limit switches with high accuracy in the positioning of the highest and lowest hook position
  • Ergonomic control switch with emergency stop
  • 42 V low voltage control
  • Quiet running with 3-step drive and helical gearing
  • 2 speeds as standard
  • Load hook rotated through 360 degrees, with locking safety catch and rubber buffer
  • No special tools for maintenance needed
  • Easy to maintain, wearing parts can be changed easily and quickly
  • Short delivery time

Customer specific

  • Three- or single-phase power
  • Worldwide operation voltages
  • Various control voltages
  • Direct control, special control, radio remote control, frequency inverter
  • Special speeds
  • Special versions such as synchronized electric chain hoist, low headroom version, corrosion-resistant version, ATEX
  • Eyebolt or hook suspension
  • Lifting heights up to 200 m
  • Hook path with upper and lower end position individually adjustable
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Operating data counter
  • Wide range of accessories and options


Stahl rope hoists

The SH wire rope hoist program has been the embodiment of perfection in lifting and crane technology all over the world for many years.
Compact, high-performing and particularly maintenance-friendly. Users, crane manufacturers, and system manufacturers appreciate the modular system based on field-proven, low-maintenance components. Series manufacture of the standard components means economic advantages for you. And this combined with precise manufacture of off-standard components makes the SH wire rope hoist a widely acknowledged top quality product. The modular system permits practically unlimited combinations of the sub-assemblies to produce your individual solutions. The SH series from STAHL CraneSystems is available for the load capacity range from 500 kg to 25,000 kg in five frame sizes with 26 load capacity variants. The wire rope hoists can be used as stationary models or together with a trolley or crab in standard cranes, off-standard cranes, or systems manufacture. If your requirements are exceptional, the experts in our engineering department will develop customized solutions tailored to them. Various off-standard designs are available for use in particular conditions. IP 66 protection for example is required for outdoor use without a protective roof or if the hoist is exposed to water jets. If there is a danger of the formation of condensation, or in arctic temperatures, space heaters are required. Even in explosive atmospheres, you do not have to manage without the SH wire rope hoist. On request, the entire wire rope hoist program is available in explosion-protected design for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, or Zone 22. It’s no coincidence that we are one of the market leaders for explosion-protected lifting technology and crane components

The facts

  • 5 frame sizes, 26 load capacity variants
  • Stationery design or different trolleys and crabs for cranes and systems manufacture
  • U-shape makes for compact dimensions
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, long service life according to ISO
  • Equipped as standard with two hoistings and travel speeds Particularly smooth starting and braking characteristics
  • Standard high-quality safety components for increased safety at work
  • Optionally available in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX and IECEx

General facts:

  • Lifting capacity 500 kg up to 250.000 kg
  • Standard duty group  M4 up to M6 (optional M7, M8)
  • HOL from6m up to 120m for standard applications, up to 200m on a specification
  • Various executions available (short headroom monorail, normal headroom monorail, articulated monorail trolley, stationary - foot mounted, double rail grab)
  • Standard 2-speed motors on hoisting and cross travel (VSD as an option)
  • Non ex proof as well as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 22, Zone 21 available

Technical facts:

  • Rope guide ductile iron 360° - alternative with overwinding system
  • Painting standard 80 micro, as option 120, 160, 240 or even 320 micro for offshore application
  • Overload device SLE/SMC (with hours counter) for all lifting capacities as standard with monitoring temperature control of all motors and increase lifetime of brakes due to motor management
  • Gear limit switch as standard with up to 8 switching elements as option
  • IP55 as standard protection
  • -20°C to +40°C ambient temperature
  • Hoist control supplied with full contactor or without (only with overload device + gear limit switch)
  • Motor supply voltage 380V-415V as standard, other voltages (525V) as option
  • C-hook as standard, alternative ramshorn hook or w/o hook

Options – not necessary but good to have:

  • Manual release of hoist brake if power cut off
  • Rope drum brake as redundant brake system provides increased safety
  • Protection IP66 for outdoor applications
  • -40°C to +80°C ambient temperature
  • Load display
  • Signal transmitter for hoisting or/and traveling movement
  • TDC Twin drive for hot liquid metal transport
  • Several lifting points without hook displacement

Service points:

  • Rope guide ring 360° rope tensioner to avoid the formation of slack rope: bolted with 2 pieces for quick replacement and not to remove the hole rope drum
  • Gears with lifetime lubrication oil
  • Low maintenance asbestos-free brake
  • Brake easily accessible for inspection from outside
  • Hoisting motor outside rope drum, highly efficient motor cooling and maintenance-friendly

Documentation for each hoist:

  • Works certificate
  • Hook certificate
  • Rope certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Installation, Operational, and maintenance manual
  • Spare part list

AS additional:

  • Product training and service training could be provided by demand
  • 1-year warranty as standard, 2 years as optional
  1. Rope and rope guide

5. SLE/SMC control and motor management

  1. Paint

6. Brake

  1. Overload cut-off

7. Motor

  1. Hoist gear

8. rope drive