Hoist and Crane component made by STAHL Crane Systems GmbH Germany

General facts:

  • Lifting capacity 500 kg up to 250.000 kg
  • Standard duty group  M4 up to M6 (optional M7, M8)
  • HOL from6m up to 120m for standard applications, up to 200m on a specification
  • Various executions available (short headroom monorail, normal headroom monorail, articulated monorail trolley, stationary - foot mounted, double rail grab)
  • Standard 2-speed motors on hoisting and cross travel (VSD as an option)
  • Non ex proof as well as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 22, Zone 21 available

Technical facts:

  • Rope guide ductile iron 360° - alternative with overwinding system
  • Painting standard 80 micro, as option 120, 160, 240 or even 320 micro for offshore application
  • Overload device SLE/SMC (with hours counter) for all lifting capacities as standard with monitoring temperature control of all motors and increase lifetime of brakes due to motor management

  • Gear limit switch as standard with up to 8 switching elements as option

  • IP55 as standard protection

  • -20°C to +40°C ambient temperature

  • Hoist control supplied with full contactor or without (only with overload device + gear limit switch)

  • Motor supply voltage 380V-415V as standard, other voltages (525V) as option

  • C-hook as standard, alternative ramshorn hook or w/o hook

Options – not necessary but good to have:

  • Manual release of hoist brake if power cut off

  • Rope drum brake as redundant brake system provides increased safety

  • Protection IP66 for outdoor applications

  • -40°C to +80°C ambient temperature

  • Load display

  • Signal transmitter for hoisting or/and traveling movement

  • TDC Twin drive for hot liquid metal transport

  • Several lifting points without hook displacement

Service points:

  • Rope guide ring 360° rope tensioner to avoid the formation of slack rope: bolted with 2 pieces for quick replacement and not to remove the hole rope drum

  • Gears with lifetime lubrication oil

  • Low maintenance asbestos-free brake

  • Brake easily accessible for inspection from outside

  • Hoisting motor outside rope drum, highly efficient motor cooling and maintenance-friendly

  1. Rope and rope guide

5. SLE/SMC control and motor management

  1. Paint

6. Brake

  1. Overload cut-off

7. Motor

  1. Hoist gear

8. rope drive


Documentation for each hoist:

  • Works certificate

  • Hook certificate

  • Rope certificate

  • Declaration of Conformity

  • Installation, Operational, and maintenance manual

  • Spare part list

AS additional:

  • Product training and service training could be provided by demand

  • 1-year warranty as standard, 2 years as optional