Single Girder Crane Description

Single Girder Cranes are highly efficient cranes that are built for cost saving, low maintenance and are often used in small spaces. They are designed using either a single girder box or with an I-Beam structure. The hoist fits under the beam and is known as an underslung hoist. FB Cranes builds these type of cranes from a 500kg up to 20 ton capacity, depending on the span. Single Girder Cranes are built for durability and cost saving.

As a quality focused manufacturer, FB Cranes offers reliable Single Girder Cranes that cater to the requirements of various industries for material lifting and handling. Our Single Girder Cranes are designed with the latest technology and materials that ensure high efficiency, durability, functionality and working capacity. Moreover, our design and production approach is based on ISO norms, ensuring to the finest quality Crane.
Features of the Single Girder Crane:

  • Convenient & low noise operations.
  • Robust structure with flexibility usage.
  • Variable speeds.
  • Advanced safety.
  • Low maintenance and long working life.

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Product Application

If lifting height is the decisive factor for your Crane application, then a Single Girder Crane is the right choice. Single Girder Cranes are often used in factory buildings, workshops as well as outside structures. They are cost effective to build and low on maintenance. Our Single Girder Cranes maximize crane runway loading and enables a more efficient building design as well as reduced cost of ownership.