Semi-Portal Crane Description

FB Cranes designs Semi-Portal Cranes to comply with individual customer's specifications. Often a Semi-Portal Crane is an economic solution in a workshop or yard. Depending on the capacity, we are able to supply Single Girder Cranes, as well as Double Girder Cranes in the Semi-Portal format. The advantage of a Semi-Portal Crane is that it can be installed below overhead travelling cranes that already exist. This gives exceptionally extensive cover of the production floor area.

Benefits of a Semi-Portal Crane

  • Our Semi-Portal Cranes are not only a cost-effective alternative wherever the installation of Overhead Cranes would be too complicated or impossible due to structural reasons, they are also the ideal supplement to in-house logistics solutions. 
  • Available as Single or Double Girder Semi-Portal Cranes.
  • As Single Girder Semi-Portal Crane with load capacities up to 16 tons and spans up to 30 m.
  • As double-girder Semi-Portal Cranes with load capacities up to 100 tons and spans up to 35 m.
  • Highly efficient – allows for high performance in a small space.
  • Installation to meet specific customer needs.
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor operation.
  • Ideal supplement to in-house logistics solutions.
  • Can also be equipped with 2 hoists or 2 crabs.