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Jib Crane Description

A Jib Crane is a type of Crane where a horizontal Jib, supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. FB Cranes designs and manufactures Jib Cranes that can support loads up to 3000kg. Jib Cranes can be used in confined spaces and either an electric chain hoist or manual chain block can be connected to the Jib which enables all types of loads to be lifted and transported quickly and easily and lowered gently and precisely.

  • Jib Cranes increase the efficiency of any business’ operations.
  • Our Jib Cranes can handle loads of up to 3000kg.
  • Can be operated with the touch of a button or push pull operation.
  • Our Jib cranes can be mounted on pillars, walls or columns.
  • FB Cranes can fit your Jib Crane with a chain hoist for high performance in congested manufacturing areas.