Ensuring Safety and Reliability of Your Cranes.

Are you investing too much, too little or too late in your crane maintenance efforts? An in-depth reliability survey can be invaluable in helping determine what level of this maintenance is optimal for your operations


It’s widely known that investing effectively in crane maintenance can help reduce the risk of safety and environmental incidents, breakdowns, loss of production and premature equipment failure. Unfortunately, what level of investment is “optimal” is not as well known.

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Lifting Legally

Because of the many potential hazards associated with lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists, the Department of Labour through the Lifting Machinery Entity (LME) enforces certain legislation.

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A Guide to Testing and Inspections

There appears to be a lot of confusion in the work place, including major construction sites, regarding the legal requirements for the inspection and/or testing of lifting equipment, which includes lifting machines (LM), lifting tackle (LT) and fabricated equipment (FE), also known as non fixed lifting attachments.

In an effort to provide guidance to users, inspectors, safety and management staff on this issue, we hereby submit the following information. It must be stressed that the information supplied is the writer’s opinion and provided without any malice or prejudice towards any manufacturer, supplier, user or services provider.

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