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The transformation of FB Cranes

FB Cranes was started by Frans Best in 1992. It started with just servicing Cranes and Lifting equipment. Now in 2016, they have a separate Service Division, a Project Division and Lifting equipment Division. One of the exciting new developments is their proactive approach to servicing and maintenance of cranes and lifting equipment.

The Service Division – function is to service customers by performing Inspections, Repairs and Load Testing of Lifting Machinery and Equipment. This division is geared to offer 24 hour breakdown service and creates service level agreements with our clients to make safety and reliability is a priority. The facts that they have their own LMI’s and they are a registered LME allows them to certify their load tests.

The Projects Division – Design and Fabricate new Cranes as well as refurbishment and modifications of existing cranes. This includes the design and fabrication of Jib Cranes and other lifting equipment for example – Lifting Beams, Lifting Cradles and Lifting Man-Cages. This division has successfully completed many Turn-Key projects starting with foundations through to erection of structures, the commissioning and load testing.

The Lifting Equipment Division – Manufacture of all types of Slings – Wire Rope Sling, Polyester Flat Sling (double sewn) and even Endless Round Slings. This is particular important when requiring custom-made slings for special lifting applications. FB Cranes has its own brand of Chain Hoists – both Electric and Manual namely AMANDLA – meaning Power in Zulu.

The agreement between FB Cranes and Electro-Mech will move FB Cranes into being able to deliver their clients a greater service, best of brands and improved technology.

“The partnership between FB Cranes and Electro-Mech is a strategic move for both companies to spread into the Global Markets. We feel that we have a kind of bond, both companies were started as a family business and our values align” – Timothy Best

FB Cranes have decided to focus on their clients, here are some of their successes:

The load testing of the Production cranes and Jib cranes for a Smelting Operation meant no water-weighted weights were allowed to be used. “Testing a 120t Crane in a smelting operation using 132t solid weights, that meant designing and making our own lifting cradles as well as lifting beams, not to mention the detailed organization for the logistics of the weights, good thing we make our slings” – Mathew Best

FB Cranes recently supplied 30 Jib Cranes to a heavy engineering manufacturing plant in Durban. “Jib Cranes are an important part of our business they are extensively used in the Manufacturing Sector, especially on production lines” says Timothy. These Jib cranes were designed, fabricated and installed by FB Cranes as well as each one was supplied with an Electric Chain Hoist.

FB Cranes completed an 80t Crane design and installation of a turn-key project, this include the structure. The project is part of the Acid Mine Drainage solution and the purpose of the crane is for lifting and lowering a water pump into a shaft. The pump delivers the water be Neutralizing Plant. The fact the hoist unit was specified as a Centre-Lift type was essential for this operation being a 23 metre lift. These type hoists are known as having a ‘True Vertical Lift

FB Cranes supplied the same type of Centre-Lift units to the heavy engineering manufacturingplant in Durban. A total supply of ten cranes – 6 off – 20t, 2 off – 50t/10t, 1 off – 40t/10t and 1 off 10t free standing Double Girder. The free standing standing crane is unusual as it not connected to the overall structure hence free standing nor is it a Portal crane. FB Cranes had a team to perform the complete installation including the foundations.

“Besides the fact that the hoists supplied by ElectroMech are the Centre-Lift type, these hoists have been designed and built using components sourced from Global Suppliers like Nord motors and Schneider electrics” – Timothy Best

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