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ALL NEW: The Stacker Crane

Saves floor space. Enhances store efficiency.

A simple system to fit in the given space and budget.

Whether a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, for storage of material, optimum utilisation of space by volume rather than floor area is critical.

This has been traditionally achieved by Forklifts, either battery or diesel operated, operating in conjunction with an appropriately designed racking system. This method has several disadvantages and imposes limitations on efficient use of space.

The Stacker Crane is an ideal solution for your material storage requirements.
Manufactured by ElectroMech, a Stacker Crane is a combination of an EOT crane and Forklift.

These systems offer several operational advantages such as narrower aisles as compared to the space required by a Forklift. The crane is supported by the racks themselves, hence no additional structure is required.



  • No restriction of height.
  • No deration in lifting capacity at higher operating heights.
  • No danger of tipping over.
  • Lift capacity from 100kg to 10MT.
  • Fully electrical. Ensures clean work environment.


Increases productivity. Protects inventory.

  • Increased productivity, higher reliability and reduced damage of inventory.
  • Increased machine productivity through ‘point-of-use’ storage by storing work-in-process at key locations throughout the plant.
  • Increased employee productivity (single operator system for handling heavy or bulky items can turn a stagnant employee into a self-sufficient production cell).
  • Increased plant capacity.


Easy customisation. Lower investment.FBCranes_Stacker_Crane_2

  • The Stacker Crane can be customised to suit any height and any load capacity, unlike other systems.
  • Supported by the racking system itself, hence no special support structures required.
  • Optional cameras on the mast for enhanced safety while handling.
  • Optional cabin control.


Saves space, time and efforts.

  • Compact design reduces aisle width by up to 50% as compared to space required by a Reach Truck.
  • Narrow aisles allow more racks in the available space.
  • Maximum use of vertical space.
  • Neat & easily visible storage system saves time in locating and retrieving material.
  • Greater utilisation of space as compared to a Reach Truck or Forklift.

FB Crane Builders and Repairs – solutions partner of ElectroMech.


For more information on the Stacker Crane, please contact us at FB Crane Builders and Repairs:




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