FB Crane Builders designs and fabricates high quality products based on advanced crane building technology. Our association with global leaders in the crane building industry, access to the best available technology and commitment to ongoing research and development ensures you receive only the best when you entrust us with your crane specifications.


At FB Cranes we focus on catering for all our clients lifting and lashing requirements. Many of our products are designed, machined and manufactured in-house using quality components in our fully equipped engineering facility. All products where required are supplied complete with the necessary certification.

What would happen to your business if your Crane broke down today?

Think about it for a second – your business depends on the performance of your heavy lifting equipment. What would happen if your Business came to a standstill because of a simple breakdown that could have easily been avoided?

If you own lifting equipment, FB Cranes, your partner in lifting machinery safety and compliance, can help your Business;

  • Avoid downtime
  • Prevent loss of productivity
  • Identify risks with your lifting equipment
  • Minimise repair fees
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Ensure your Cranes are compliant with the latest Lifting Machinery Legislation.

    Keep your people safe and your business compliant


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    Is your Overhead Crane Supplier meeting compliance standards?

    Is your Overhead Crane Supplier meeting compliance standards?

    FB Crane Builders and Repairs are giving their customers added peace of mind with a new B-BBEE Level Rating… As a customer, you may now enjoy these benefits when partnering with FB Crane Builders and Repairs. Keep your cranes up and running with FB Crane Builders and Repairs – safely, reliably and cost-effectively
    Growing our portfolio on Major Load Tests successfully performed

    Growing our portfolio on Major Load Tests successfully performed

    FB Crane Builders and Repairs, continue to grow its portfolio of Load Tests, successfully performed. Although load testing plays a vital role in the overall performance of overhead lifting machinery, many businesses are often unclear or unfamiliar with the specified requirements and standards set out by the SANS


    What are the two questions you ask yourself when looking for an overhead crane, jib crane or hoist?

    They are what is the PRICE and what is the QUALITY of the product?

    At FB Cranes we have a dedicated team that is committed to providing the best prices possible and the highest quality products available on the market. Please take a moment to fill out a Request for Quote form and see for yourself. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on +2711 902 3271 or Contact Us via email at

    Some of the Customers who have trusted us for the past 25 years

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