FB Crane Builders - 132t Load test

Growing our portfolio on Major Load Tests successfully performed

FB Crane Builders and Repairs, continue to grow its portfolio on Major Load Tests, successfully performed.

Although load testing plays a vital role in the overall performance of overhead lifting machinery, many businesses are often unclear or unfamiliar with the specified requirements and standards set out by the South African National Standards.

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Stacker Crane_FB

ALL NEW: The Stacker Crane

Saves floor space. Enhances store efficiency.

A simple system to fit in the given space and budget.

Whether a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, for storage of material, optimum utilisation of space by volume rather than floor area is critical.

This has been traditionally achieved by Forklifts, either battery or diesel operated, operating in conjunction with an appropriately designed racking system. This method has several disadvantages and imposes limitations on efficient use of space. Read more “ALL NEW: The Stacker Crane”

Jib leaflet - Promotion

On Promotion: The Jib Crane

The right crane, for the right job – at the right price!

FB Cranes Designs and manufactures Jib Cranes that can support loads of up to 500 kg. These cranes can be used in confined spaces and either an electric chain hoist or manual chain block can be connected enabling all types of loads to be lifted and transported quickly, easily and efficiently.


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Crane Health Check

The transformation of FB Cranes

FB Cranes was started by Frans Best in 1992. It started with just servicing Cranes and Lifting equipment. Now in 2016, they have a separate Service Division, a Project Division and Lifting equipment Division. One of the exciting new developments is their proactive approach to servicing and maintenance of cranes and lifting equipment.

The Service Division – function is to service customers by performing Inspections, Repairs and Load Testing of Lifting Machinery and Equipment. This division is geared to offer 24 hour breakdown service and creates service level agreements with our clients to make safety and reliability is a priority. The facts that they have their own LMI’s and they are a registered LME allows them to certify their load tests.

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Ensuring Safety and Reliability of Your Cranes.

Are you investing too much, too little or too late in your crane maintenance efforts? An in-depth reliability survey can be invaluable in helping determine what level of this maintenance is optimal for your operations


It’s widely known that investing effectively in crane maintenance can help reduce the risk of safety and environmental incidents, breakdowns, loss of production and premature equipment failure. Unfortunately, what level of investment is “optimal” is not as well known.

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A Guide to Testing and Inspections

There appears to be a lot of confusion in the work place, including major construction sites, regarding the legal requirements for the inspection and/or testing of lifting equipment, which includes lifting machines (LM), lifting tackle (LT) and fabricated equipment (FE), also known as non fixed lifting attachments.

In an effort to provide guidance to users, inspectors, safety and management staff on this issue, we hereby submit the following information. It must be stressed that the information supplied is the writer’s opinion and provided without any malice or prejudice towards any manufacturer, supplier, user or services provider.

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